Dear Customer

Update: 19/07/24


Sadly, the latest news regarding Jimmy is not positive. The recent revelation about his kidneys appears to be more serious than I initially understood, and now my family are insisting I head out to Cyprus as Jimmy's condition appears to be worsening by the day.


He is no longer eating (can't keep his food down) and generally his morale has hit rock-bottom. 


As such, I will be arranging to fly out to Cyprus with my family over the next day or so.

While of course one never wants to lose hope even during the most trying of times, one has to also be realistic; Jimmy is Stage 4 and at the palliative stage, and has been for a while now.


As difficult as it is for my family and I to accept, Jimmy may be living on borrowed time.


At this stage I am aware that some customers are expecting refunds for monies paid in advance for new builds - I ask that you remain patient during this challenging time. These will of course be dealt with in due course, but at this stage we need to see how the situation progresses over the coming weeks, maybe months.


I thank you once again for your understanding at this extremely difficult time. Under the circumstances, I will also be disabling our phone number and will only deal with enquiries via email.


Kind regards,


Cem ('Jem')

Company Director  



Date: 08 July 2024

To all our current, previous and prospective customers,

Unfortunatey eBike Batteries will no longer be trading for an
indefinite period. Although his most recent cancer treatment
appears to have been going well, Jimmy's kidneys are apparently
in a bad way and he is currently undergoing intensive dialysis
in his native Cyprus.

As such, we will regretably not be able to offer any kind
of assistance for customers whose batteries we have worked on
and have since developed a fault, irrespective of whether or
not there is a warranty.

For those customers whose batteries have developed a fault
within the 12-month warranty period, and depending on how
Jimmmy's recovery progresses, we will seek to backdate and
honour any warranty claims that would have otherwise lapsed.

Please appreciate that this is a fluid situation; Jimmy is very
keen to return to the UK, but at this stage we need to know
what the short-to-medium term situaiton is regarding not only
his cancer, but also his kidneys. There is also an element of
protecting Jimmy from himself, as left to his own devices
he'd discharge himself and fly back to the UK on the first
flight he could book!

I thank you for your patience and understanding during this
difficult time. Please feel free to contact me on 0208 361
1790 if you require more information.

Until such time Jimmy is able to return to work, we will
disable the website. If you need to place an order for a
charger, please contact me on

Kind regards,

Cem ('Jem')
Company Director