Gearsensor for Bafang Mid Drives BBS-01/BBS02/BBS-HD Electric Bike Kit Sensor

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Gearsensor with HIGO connector for BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD

The GS model is suitable for rear derailleurs and internal gear hubs while the GSFD model is for front derailleurs.

* Intelligent sensor that will power down or shut off the motor during shifting to avoid chain grinding and cassette breaking

* Extend the life of your gears indefinitely with the gearsensor

* An absolute must for mid-drives

* Made for both derailleurs and internally geared hubs

We are proud to offer Gearsensors for BBS motors with HIGO connector (yellow, 3-pin) and 237 mm cable length, which is the perfect length to place the gearsensor close to the display and connect it by the brake sensor connector.

If you do not have any free brake sensor connectors, you can use our Y-splitter which makes 2 connectors from 1 brake sensor connector.

For more information on assembly and compatiblity, please visit

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