LG HE4 3.6V 20A Flat Top Unprotected Cell in Protective Plastic Case

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We understand that there are concerns regarding authentic LG cells.

We notice some sellers advertise these cells as being 35A cells. This is not the case. The recommended contiunous
discharge current is 20A as specified by LGChem. Even if the cell may dishcarge at 35A for short periods, it would seriously shorten
its cycle life and may get very hot. Also the nominal voltage of the HE4 is 3.6V and not 3.7V as some may claim.
Below is the relevant page from LGChem’s datasheet for the LG HE4 cell.

Our cells are 100% genuine and we have a dossier of evidence which proves that these cells are NOT fakes.

Buy with 100% confidence from a verified UK seller.

These are professional cells from LGChem.
We use thousands of these cells and have yet to find one that
does not perform as per specification.

These cells must not be allowed to discharge below 2.50V
If the cell is allowed to discharge below the specified voltage, you may have difficulty charging it as some chargers may not sense the presence of a cell due to the low voltage.

Use a good charger to charge the cell. LG recommend 1.25A charging current and 4A as the
maximum charging current. Charger should terminate the charging when the charging current reduces to 100mA.

People who are not familiar with lithium cells and high currents being drawn by their e-cigarette mods should seek expert advice before experimenting with their setup.
Lithium cells can be dangerous and should be treated with utmost care and above all with sound knowledge.

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