Magic Pie 5 20″ Rear Wheel (6-Speed Freewheel)


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What makes SmartPie and MagicPie the No.1 E bike Conversion Kits?

Brushless gearless motor: gearless means direct drive, quiet, high efficiency, long working life, maintenance free.

Built-in sine-wave controller: smooth riding control, no messy exposed wirings, easy to install, neat looking bikes.

Strong torque: achieved by stronger magnets, thinner 0.35mm stacked lamination, innovative motor design, high capacity MOSFETs.

Open voltages 24/36/48Vdc: user adjustable power and speed, self upgradable from 24V to 36V or 48V to meet local regulations.

Built-in cooling fan: effective heat dissipating, better performance for motor and controller, higher climbing capability.

Programmable controller: control parameters programming via USB cable, customizable for different EV applications

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